Here are some questions we often get asked.
If you have a question of your own please email us.


Here are some questions we often get asked.
If you have a question of your own please email us.

I cannot trim the paper. What can I do?

Please make sure you have set the cutting blade and cutting mat in the right position and read the user manual carefully before using it.

Why does my CARL paper trimmer only score the paper and not cut it?

Most likely, the cutting mat has fallen out of the cutting located directed beneath the cutting blade. The mat is a long, thin piece of plastic that is essential for proper cutting. The blade comes into contact with the mat when it slices through the material you are trimming. It will occasionally fall out of the channel, especially if you have stood it on end against a desk or filing cabinet, etc. Once you have located it, place it back into the channel directly below the cutting blade, your trimmer will work as perfectly as it did.

Why did I cut the paper when I used the perforation blade?

When cutting with a perforation blade, we have to slide in one direction. Moving the slider back and forth will cut the paper away.

Why does my RT Series Paper Trimmer cut about 1/8″ off?

Please check whether the straight blade is reversed.  The thicker portion of the blue should face the inside of the holder. If so, simply loosen the screws and reverse it. This will correctly position the blade directly next to the translucent cutting rail.

I don’t know how to change the replacement parts.

Please click below to see the demonstration video.

[DC-2000 / DC-200N, 2A3N]

trimmer DC200N 1  trimmer RT mat

[DC-210N, DC-230N / DC-250]

trimmer DC210 mat  trimmer DC210 blade 2 1 trimmer DC210 blade 1

[RT-200 / RT-218]

trimmer RT blade 1 trimmer RT blade 2trimmer RT mat 1

[DC-600 / DC-630]

trimmer DC600 blade trimmer DC600 mat

I don’t know the product number of my CARL product.

Product number is printed on the surface of all CARL products.

I don’t know which replacement part is suitable for my trimmer.

Please refer to the REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST .

Why does the cutting mat have a deep groove in it? Will this affect the cutting quality?

Yes, it will. However, there is a quick solution. If you have been using the straight blade only, you will notice that the groove is slightly off-center on the surface of the mat. If you rotate this mat 180 degrees (so that the groove is still visible), and insert it back into the Paper Trimmer, the blade will have a fresh, new cutting surface to cut materials.

Similarly, once you have used one complete side of the cutting mat (showing two deep grooves), turn the mat over and you’ll have an additional two lives before you’ll have to purchase a new mat.

trimmer FAQ 1 1

The cutting performance is getting poor recently. What can I do?

Cutting blade is replaceable part and increasingly poor cutting performance indicates that the blade needs replacement.

How regular should I replace the consumables (cutting blade or cutting mat)?

It depends on how regularly you use the trimmer. Below are the guidelines showing how many times the cutting blade or mat could be used.

Cutting blade  ‧‧‧ About  5,000 times

Cutting mat  ‧‧‧  About 800 times ( 200 times per location x 4 locations)

* When using PPC paper 64g / ㎡ (approximately 0.09mm thick)

I lost the cutting blade holder/ other parts. How can I buy it?

Please contact us and send us the photo showing us which part you need.